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Subhashis Bannerjee

Assistant Research Professor Pharmacological and Physiological Science

Corinne Betts

Post Doctoral Researcher

Melissa Bowerman

Lecturer in Bioscience

Anna Coenen-Stass Coenen-Stass

Senior Bioinformatics Scientist,

Helen Curtis


Ghulam Dar

Post Doctoral Researcher

Olivier Gerrit de Jong

Postdoctoral Researcher

Andrew Douglas

Consultant and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in Clinical Genetics

Ruth Ellerington

Research Assistant

Caroline Godfrey

CEO, Academic Founder and Executive Board Member, Pepgen

Suzan Hammond

Senior Post Doctoral Researcher/Team Leader

Gareth Hazell

Higher radiation protection scientist

Anja Kruegar

Imre Mager

Senior Post Doctoral Researcher/Team Leader

Karin Meijboom

Post Doc

Janine Scholefield

Research Group Leader

Lauren Watson

Post Doctoral Researcher

Eduard Willms

Postdoctoral Scientist

Audrey Winkelsas

DPhil student

Hai-Fang Yin

Tianjin Medical University